Welcome your joining to the most promising company in the world ----MEBO Group.
Here,you would be led into a brand new world of life regeneration.

  MEBO International, as an enterprise group of new life science benefiting the whole world, has a wealth of intellectual property across the world and is the core enterprise of gradually globalizing HBRRS and industrializing regenerative life technology to benefit human beings.

  Predominantly driven by the industrialized transformation of self-developed regenerative life technology for enterprise development, MEBO International has established a global economic system of the regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers, successfully built the new economic format of regenerative life including the regenerative restoration and regenerative rejuvenation of human body surface organs, gastrointestinal organs and the overall human body. MEBO International has always committed to the research and development of new regenerative life technology, which successively breeds new demands of regenerative life and creates new economic formats relating to regenerative life, achieving the great global development of regenerative life from the economic perspective.

Position Company Work place
PHP development engineer MEBO GROUP BEI JING
E-commerce operation director MEBO GROUP BEI JING
E-commerce technical directo MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Web development engineer MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Marketing manager in Latin America (Spanish) MEBO GROUP BEI JING
International marketing sales executive MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Business liaison manager (Spanish) MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Pharmaceutical research and development director/manager MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Drug registration specialist MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Health food developer MEBO GROUP BEI JING
Public Affairs Manager MEBO GROUP BEI JING